Spill Kit

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3.75 Gallon Absorption Size


This Kit has been specially designed to be used as a emergency 4WD vehicle liquid spill to meet the needs of 4WD recreationists.  The Kit is certified and approved by the Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association (WOHVA) and meets all requirements set forth by WOHVA, the State of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for Class A and Class B 4WD Vehicles.


Parts List


3 - Absorbent Mats
3 - Haz Mats 
5 - Scrubs® Green Cleaning Wipes
2 - Absorbent Pillows
1 –Safety Glasses
5 - Pairs Sani-Gloves
1 - Large Disposal Bag        
1 - Pig Putty               
1 - Package Assorted Zip Ties
2 - Small Disposal Bags       
1 – MSDS Packet       
1 - Quick Reference Instructions
1 – 42” Absorbent Sock      
10 - Spill Wipes          
1 - Radiator Stop Leak


WOHVA donates a portion of every spill kit sale to the BlueRibbon Coalition (www.sharetrails.org) and to assure access to OHV recreational opportunities here in the Badger State.


Safe motorized recreation in no accident!


Stay on the Trail or Stay Home


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