Recently, WOHVA created an on-line petition in support of the Registration Program.  If you haven't yet signed the petition please do so and encourage your fellow OHV enthusiasts to do so as well.  The petition can be found at:

In November, WOHVA will be meeting with the Legislative Reference Bureau to begin drafting this important legislation.  WOHVA has put together a nearly 40 page document which outlines positions from WOHVA and numerous federal, state, county & tribal entities.  It is our hope, that by bringing all these groups together from the beginning, we have compiled a package that can be easily drafted and passed by the Wisconsin State Legislature.

A copy of this CONFIDENTIAL document will be available for viewing at WOHVA's upcoming Fall '10 Trails Information Meeting in October.

Mission Statement
The Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association exists for the sole purpose of proactively assuring that public and private off-highway motorized vehicular recreational opportunities are expanded in Wisconsin for safe use by this and future generations



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