WORVPI Suspends Project

The Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI) has suspended further pursuit of our Forest County Off-Road Vehicle Park Project. As the result of the current political climate, WORVPI has determined that further investment in this county would not be prudent and best use of our member’s financial support.

We would like to thank the Forest County ATV Association, the Forest County Chamber of Commerce, the Forest County Tourism Commission and the other local supporters whom aided in development of our MRA Project.

WORVPI will continue to pursue other options to secure a location in or near a community which is receptive to the nearly $28,000,000 projected annual economic impact that will accompany Park development and operation.  

Mission Statement
The Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association exists for the sole purpose of proactively assuring that public and private off-highway motorized vehicular recreational opportunities are expanded in Wisconsin for safe use by this and future generations