AUGUST 18TH – 20TH 2017




5:00 pm -7:30 pm

Check-in, Safety Inspection and Trail Sign-Up



7:30 - 8:30 am Trail Line–Up

8:30 - 9:00 am Drivers meeting

9:00 am – 4:00 pm Guided trail rides

6:30 - Pig Roast dinner followed by door prizes and a bonfire


The park is open exclusively for GNTR participants to explore on your own.


Remember Sat. night dinner is the only provided meal. Sat. lunch will be on the trail, pack your coolers and lawn chairs.

To find nearby lodging and restaurants if your not camping on the property check out the Chetek Visitors Bureau website

Register on line in the WOHVA Store or download the Registration form below and mail in.

Download this file (ohv safety checklist.pdf)ohv safety checklist.pdfSafety Checklist
Download this file (GNTR itinerary.pdf)GNTR itinerary.pdfGNTR Itinerary
Download this file (2017 GNTR Registration.doc)2017 GNTR Registration.doc2017 GNTR Registration Form

WOHVA’s Executive Director recently attended a 4 day training program designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to lead volunteers in building and maintaining sustainable trails for recreational use.

This training was provided by Trail Design Specialists based out of Georgia in partnership with the WI DNR. Milwaukee County Parks sponsored the training event which took place at Whitnall Park in Franklin, WI

The first 3 days consisted of 60% classroom instruction including a test on that day’s material, followed by a field training exercise. Below are bullet points of each days training and activities.

Day 1 Trail design techniques & mock trail layout.

Day 2 Trail construction techniques & begin trail development

Day 3 Trail Maintenance techniques & repair a section of trail

Day 4 Safety and Leadership techniques & field work.

Reflecting back on this, it was a rewarding experience sharing volunteer hours with other user groups and realizing we all CAN get along!

For a more in depth breakdown of each day’s activities see the Off Camber article in the Summer edition of Badger Tracks, soon to be released.


Thank you to everyone that attended our Annual OHV Enthusiasts Workshop and Membership meeting this past weekend. We had another great turnout for the entire weekend which culminated with our dinner banquet, awesome prize giveaway and even better entertainment!

In case you missed it here’s a short recap:

Friday’s agenda was comprised of a Treadlightly! Tread Trainer program, followed by WOHVA’s Annual Volunteer of the Year Dinner and Award Presentation.

Saturday’s activities included W4WDA Spring Meeting, a presentation from the WI DNR on their Recreational Opportunity Analysis (ROA), a “Hands On” GPS workshop presented by WOHVA, a “How to Handle” social media postings presented by TreadLightly! followed by WOHVA’s Annual Membership meeting.

WOHVA would like to thank the following presenters:

Danielle Fowels – Treadlightly!

Cameron Bumb – WI DNR

Chris Walker – WOHVA/W4WDA


WOHVA recently hosted an event with SE WI Jeeples, sharing our knowledge & experiences concerning responsible off highway trail riding activities.

The day started out with an open discussion on extraction tools and techniques, do’s & don’ts and what’s new & cool. Following this discussion was a demonstration on up righting a vehicle using a winch vehicle(s) to both get it back on its wheels as well as a vehicle as a counter balance for a safe and soft landing.

Next up was a trail ride on 2 local private properties. The first property provided experience in mud with hands on training on how to properly use a recovery strap to extricate a vehicle when stuck. The second property offered more technical challenges with a small rock crawl which transitioned to a steep hill climb followed by an opportunity to test a driver’s skill in a controlled descent.

After a short lunch break we had a Treadlightly!® Awareness course and conversation on multiple user groups sharing trails and a Myth or Fact Q & A with real world scenarios.

This was an awesome event; weather was great and just a good time all around! WOHVA would like to thank the private land owners that allowed us to provide this educational opportunity!

In closing, participants and guides had a great time. Again WOHVA was pleased to provide this opportunity.

If your club or group is interested in having a similar event feel free to contact WOHVA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI) has suspended further pursuit of our Forest County Off-Road Vehicle Park Project. As the result of the current political climate, WORVPI has determined that further investment in this county would not be prudent and best use of our member’s financial support.

We would like to thank the Forest County ATV Association, the Forest County Chamber of Commerce, the Forest County Tourism Commission and the other local supporters whom aided in development of our MRA Project.

WORVPI will continue to pursue other options to secure a location in or near a community which is receptive to the nearly $28,000,000 projected annual economic impact that will accompany Park development and operation.